We're both teachers, and knew that in this hectic world of highlighters and glue sticks, appreciation was sometimes a loose commodity. We also saw the joy that teachers got with post - a break time present - or when they found a small gift from someone in their pigeonhole, or on their desk.

An idea was born. What about an online shop that created and sold gifts that were personalised for the school community? What if someone could order a subscription box, filled with these items, either as a treat to themselves or to gift to others?

After months of exploration and planning, surveying and observing, we launched our TeachTreat boxes in February 2019. They were an extraordinary hit, and we were delighted. 

We are only two months in now, and have just launched our March box. There's still a lot to be done. We have, for example, launched TeachTreat Minis, as we discovered that we'd had several orders for a smaller collection. We are also, despite being very far behind anything near profit, committed to using these gifts to reward others. We'd love to hear of someone who deserves some treat or unexpected gift through the post, and take nominations online.

We want to ultimately end up with an online store that supports grassroots teacher events such as Teachmeets and BrewEds, so if you'd like something for your raffle, please let us know.

Lastly, a lot of what we try and do is to raise a smile on a hardworking teacher's face. If there is an item you think a teacher would love, and if it makes you smile, let us know; it would be lovely to have others contributing ideas too, and of course we'd give you recognition (and a percentage of any sales as a thank you).

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